Danielle Saunders


I'm a research scientist at RWS working on machine translation, based in the UK. My PhD was at the Cambridge University Engineering Department, working in the machine intelligence lab. In 2021 I defended my PhD thesis, titled "Domain adaptation for neural machine translation".

In undergraduate I studied information and computer engineering, with a masters project focused on keyword spotting for low-resource languages.

My main research interests are around controlling the generation of natural language, especially machine translation. Outside of research, I enjoy learning fragments of different languages, practicing martial arts and baking bread.

To contact me, mail danielleclairesaunders at gmail dotcom.



My research interests are currently focused around domain adaptation for natural language processing, especially machine translation. When adapting, the aim is to make existing systems work better on new topics or genres of text. At the moment I'm particularly interested in:

  • Domain adaptation for neural machine translation - the topic of my PhD
  • Fine-tuning translation models for better performance while preserving generality
  • Helping models translate new, previously unseen words or characters
  • Avoiding problems from tuning on "flawed" translation data
  • The effect of gender biases in data on machine translation into languages with grammatical gender

A publications list can be found at my Google Scholar page.